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Höstträff i Gränna, 18.-20. September

Tryck på bilderna för att förstora dem.
Takk til Thord Liljekvist for bidrag.

We had a wonderful time in Gränna, beautiful Indian summer weather, not a cloud in sight during the whole weekend. Lot's of nice people and close to 40 cars including quite some FLs. Gathering together Friday afternoon and had a barbeque party in the evening and people stayed out late talking. Saturday we got to know a lot of the ancient history of Gränna and surroundings in preparation for the visit to island of Visingsö. Arriving at the island, the "Remmalag" a pair of horses with an open wagon, was waiting to take us on a one hour round trip. Among apple trees old churches and barns we also spotted a very nice 67 Valiant in a garden and a 49-50 Dodge sedan at a retro BP gas station. A 24 meter climb up the steep stairs of a church rewarded the strong and brave with a stunning sight of the whole Visingsö and the surrounding mainland, this was a 17th-century astronomical observation platform on the top chopped church tower built by Count Per Brahe for the first Swedish public school also allowing female pupils. Of course we had to visit one of the candy shops where they make the famous "Polkagris" by hand. The original peppermint polkagris is red and white and you can have them in almost any taste and color but unfortunately they didn't make any in MoPar colors, Red, Blue and White. Friday evening entertained dinner at Hamnkrogen, a restaurant close to the waterfront in the harbour. We got good food, good friendship, lottery and a beautiful sunset behind Visingsö. Finally Sunday is the day when you have to say good bye, see you next year somewhere. The greatness of WPC Club meetings is you meet people you otherwise never would have met and you discover places you probably not even though about visiting. A very good reward to all of us for what I started up almost 30 years ago and then I founded the Sweden Region in 1982.



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